Avis Europe PLC

Technical Lead
November 2009 – ongoing

Returned to Avis and was quickly promoted to Technical Lead of the team maintaining and enhancing the Revenue Management systems. These include an algorithm intensive demand forecasting and optimisation system, a broker price quoting system, using GridGain to distribute processing and a web based pricing application. All 3 projects use Java, SQLServer, Hibernate, Spring and JBoss.

  • Recruited 3 developers to bring the team size to 6, revitalised morale and installed a sense of pride within the team.
  • Re introduced Agile working practices to the team, with 2 week sprints developing and testing work items within the sprint.  Introduced Continuous Integration and Delivery using Bamboo.  Introduced the concept of Technical Debt measured using the Sonar platform.
  • Refactored unit tests to improve coverage, code reuse and readability. Coached other members of the team on the importance of unit tests and the best practices associated with them.
  • Solved data issues, fixed bugs and made enhancements to each of the 3 revenue management systems.
  • Created prototype cloud version of the forecasting system using Amazon AWS EC2. Documented architecture changes required to productionise cloud version.
  • Regularly delivered new releases to production, on time, within budget and with minimal defects.