Manugistics Ltd (now JDA Software)

Senior Software Developer
October 2001 – December 2005

Recruited at the start of a major revenue management project for Thomson Travel, involved in full life cycle from system design through to customer acceptance testing and implementation. Project designed to predict demand and optimise revenue for package holidays. Solaris based, batch system, using C++, Oracle and Roguewave SourcePro. Rational Rose is used for UML design and code generation.

  • Designed, using Rational Rose, and built object oriented C++ class framework, containing locking, security and data services. The framework was specifically designed to allow new operational research algorithms and data to be easily plugged into the system.
  • Designed, built and tested several C++ applications within the forecasting suite. Used Roguewave SourcePro classes to access booking data within an Oracle database, used Operational Research defined algorithms to create booking based demand curves, demand forecasts and de-constrained bookings.
  • Enhanced the optimisation suite written in C++ and interfacing with the Ilog Cplex library. Added user defined, fixed duration, and price relativity constraints to the Cplex linear programme.
  • Designed and built a Scheduling application using C++ to allow flexible scheduling and partitioning of work packages within the batch process.
  • Tested internal class libraries and applications, produced test plans and test harness code using CppUnit.
  • Made some small enhancements to some Java modules running on the WebLogic platform.
  • Built C++ interface to Java using JNI, allowing C++ applications to talk to Java objects.
  • Managed internal pre-release system testing and patch delivery, with extensive liaison with team members and senior management during test cycle.
  • Managed customer support during customer acceptance testing.

“Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity” - Colin Hammond, Project Manager via LinkedIn.