British Airways PLC

OO Software Developer
August 1997 – October 2001

Involved in a very large scale project for Revenue Management. The system provides availability calculations for seat allocation and overbooking on flights. Solaris based, 3-tier architecture using C++, Tuxedo, Oracle and Versant. Rational Rose is used again for UML design and code generation. Involved in full project lifecycle for this 3 phased project.

  • Worked within the Optimiation team, primarily on inventory calculation, manual and auto acceptance modules.
  • Designed and built Unix servers, initially using Topend middleware to connect to VB clients. Server used UML designed C++ classes. Pro C and SQL used to connect to Oracle database. Involved in full product lifecycle through to post implementation support. Later ported the server to use Tuxedo.
  • Designed and built additional Tuxedo servers to manage data stored on a Versant object database. Designed messaging to VB clients using XML, and designed the persistent object schema for Versant.
  • Performed comprehensive testing of sections of the system, using my own and other people’s test plans.
  • Extensive customer support, coordinating support and maintenance during user acceptance testing. Customers preferred single point of contact during testing.
  • Developed prototype C++ data access classes to compare the performance Oracle and Objectstore databases. Involved in design of database schema, data population and retrieval for Objectstore OODBMS database and developed equivalent Oracle classes.
  • Built C++ batch program to populate Oracle database from sales inventory information using Rogue Wave’s DBTools.