Senior Software Engineer
October 95 - August 97

Worked for Petroleum Division, building systems to access data stored using the petroleum industry POSC data model. Open system designed to run on Windows NT, Solaris and AIX platforms, using either Sybase or Oracle database.

  • Designed and built Object Orientated data access classes to populate and extract data from the Petroleum Industry POSC data model. Designed class libraries using OMT methodology, classes were written using Visual C++.
  • Designed and built classes to access relational databases via an objected orientated interface, classes produced SQL and returned results as objects. The design allowed either Sybase or Oracle to be used.
  • Also designed and built a business object library, this turned complex data mapping information into a simple API to access petroleum business objects from the database.
  • Designed and built a GUI based macro language parser and interpreter to allow Petroleum engineers to write macros to perform complex calculations using data stored in the business objects.