Sage Engineering

Senior Analyst Programmer
November 1994 - October 1995

Worked on a civil engineering Windows program to perform and display soil mechanics calculations, using Visual C++ and Visual Basic.

  • Designed and built a graphical Windows Interface for data entry and results presentation of a civil engineering soil mechanics program, involved in complete project lifecycle from early requirements to commercial release.
  • Used Visual C++ and MFC classes to create a Visual Basic VBX used for data storage. VBX used to pass data between VB programs and graphics screen.
  • Built Visual Basic forms to load and display data contained in data storage VBX, and an Access database. Database used to store results of Soil Mechanics Analysis.
  • Built VB forms using Graphics Server V4 to graph results of Soil Mechanics Analysis, stored on Access database. Graphs designed to give users complete control over the look and range of the graphs produced.