British Airways PLC

Analyst Programmer/Team Leader
June 92 - November 94

Involved in the design and build of a Client Server system using C++, Oracle and CommonView on an O/S2 platform. System installed at Heathrow to manage the engineering department’s responsibilities of operational aircraft.

  • Designed using Booch methodology, and coded C++ ghantt chart base classes, used to display aircraft downtimes, employee work allocations, etc. These were updated on client screens in real time using messaging from the server and other BA systems.
  • Designed and coded C++ database classes to interface with Oracle tables using SQL.
  • Utilised the multi-threaded and pre-emptive multitasking capabilities of OS/2.
  • Lead a team of five during testing and implementation.
  • Rated in the top 15% of IT staff at British Airways.