Avis Europe PLC

Senior Software Developer
April 2006 – April 2009

Pivotal member of a leading revenue management agile development project within the car rental industry. During its first year of operation the project added £15 million to the company turnover, originally predicted to rise to £23 million in 2008. Project designed to predict demand and optimise revenue for car rentals. Windows based system written using Java, SQLServer, Hibernate, Spring and JBoss.

  • Specialised in turning complex abstract mathematical algorithms into production grade Java services, with extensive liaison with algorithm owners and operational research team.
  • Designed, using UML in MagicDraw, and built several Java algorithm services, to improve the accuracy of the forecast data.
  • Co-designed and built an Optimiser service, using Java to connect to the Dash Xpress-BCL Optimisation library. Optimiser produced stop sell recommendations and car shuttling recommendations across a network of rental stations.
  • Conducted a thorough review of System Architecture, providing recommendations to improve reliability, performance and scalability of the forecasting product.
  • Extensive use of JUnit along with EasyMock to create algorithm test suite. Design of regression tests to ensure product reliability.
  • Created enhancements to the data access layer using Hibernate and JDBC connecting to a SQLServer 2005 database.
  • Used Spring Framework to provide dependency injection and transaction control for the Forecasting Server and algorithm services.
  • Provided extensive customer support during user acceptance testing. Responsible for investigating root cause of production incidents. Provided the Product Development Manager support on logic of requirements.
  • Project used Agile methodology along with continuous integration using Cruise Control, Ant and CVS.
  • Provided new functionality to the web application using Spring MVC Framework and JSP.