Database Development

16 years experience of Relational databases, writing SQL and stored procedures. Interfaced numerous applications to large relational databases using C++ and Java, including use of DBtools for C++ and Hibernate for Java.

Experience includes Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and SQL Server 2005.

Avis Europe PLC

  • Created enhancements to the data access layer using Hibernate and JDBC connecting to a SQLServer 2005 database.
  • Creation of SQLServer Stored Procedures to access and update database data.
  • Creation of SQL to mine data for debugging and analytics purposes.
  • Investigation of data anomalies within the production forecasting system. This often entailed pinpointing small errors within millions of rows of data.
  • Design of table and attribute structure of new schema when required.

Prudential PLC

  • Coded and Tested PL/SQL code to extract data and fix data quality issues within the production environment of the annuities system.

Manugistics Ltd

  • Development of TUI Revenue Management system, interfacing C++ applications to Oracle database.
  • Extensive creation of SQL and data access code using Roguewave SourcePro.

British Airways PLC

  • Developed C++ applications using Roguewave SourcePro to access Oracle database.
  • Created adhoc SQL code as required.


  • Designed and built classes to access relational databases via an objected orientated interface, classes produced SQL and returned results as objects. The design allowed either Sybase or Oracle to be used.

British Airways PLC

  • Designed and coded C++ database classes to interface with Oracle tables using SQL.