Revenue Management

11 Years creating Revenue Management systems for the Travel industry. Designing and building Forecasting and Optimisation systems for Airlines, Tour Operators and Car Rentals. Specialising in turning complex abstract mathematical algorithms into usable enterprise systems.

British Airways

Revenue Management System to optimise revenue on the origin and destination of the passenger journey basis rather than a flight segment basis.


Tour Operator System to forecast and optimise the whole package of return flights and hotel nights. Ensuring the correct mix of different length packages to ensure maximum capacity and revenue.


Car Rental System to forecast demand and optimise revenue by moving inventory to meet demand. Emphasis placed on optimisation of recommendations to shuttle fleet to areas of high demand and to make recommendations to stop selling particular products.

Industry Experience

Booking and Cancellation Curves. Implemented booking curves at BA and TUI and cancellation curves at BA. TUI booking curves designed to capture the different booking patterns for the different weeks of the year.

Data Maps. Used and extended data maps for Avis and TUI. Both allowing flexible hierarchies to be used, and both used to store complex graphs at each node as well as simple values. Complete understanding of how to build a data map library and the advantages and disadvantages of different implementation methods.

Completion Distribution Curves created at Avis to predict the dates rental cars were likely to be returned. Similar systems would be used to predict length of stay for hotels.

Implementation of Revenue Optimisation at TUI and Avis using Linear Programming via Dash BCL and ILog Cplex. Implementations includes multiple system and user constraints and includes slack variables to avoid infeasible results.

Creation of bid prices and rate ladders at BA.

Calculation of noshows and cancellations. Use of these to net down forecasts and reservations.

Calculation of seasonality of demand patterns including seasonality around user defined events . Included processing to minimise the 52/53 week problem.

Creation of demand forecasting, implemented using historic reservations and seasonality.

Creation of regression test strategy at TUI, refined and improved for Avis.