13 years experience of C++ across the Windows, OS2 and Unix platforms. Involved in many enterprise systems across the travel and engineering industries.

Manugistics Ltd

  • Designed, using Rational Rose, and built object oriented C++ class framework, containing locking, security and data services. The framework was specifically designed to allow new operational research algorithms and data to be easily plugged into the system.
  • Designed, built and tested several C++ applications within the forecasting suite. Used Roguewave SourcePro classes to access booking data within an Oracle database, used Operational Research defined algorithms to create booking based demand curves, demand forecasts and de-constrained bookings.
  • Enhanced the optimisation suite written in C++ and interfacing with the Ilog Cplex library. Added user defined, fixed duration, and price relativity constraints to the Cplex linear programme.
  • Designed and built a Scheduling application using C++ to allow flexible scheduling and partitioning of work packages within the batch process.
  • Tested internal class libraries and applications, produced test plans and test harness code using CppUnit.
  • Built C++ interface to Java using JNI, allowing C++ applications to talk to Java objects.

British Airways PLC

  • Designed and built Unix servers, initially using Topend middleware to connect to VB clients. Server used UML designed C++ classes. Pro C and SQL used to connect to Oracle database. Involved in full product lifecycle through to post implementation support. Later ported the server to use Tuxedo.
  • Developed prototype C++ data access classes to compare the performance Oracle and Objectstore databases. Involved in design of database schema, data population and retrieval for Objectstore OODBMS database and developed equivalent Oracle classes.
  • Built C++ batch program to populate Oracle database from sales inventory information using Rogue Wave’s DBTools.


  • Designed and built Object Orientated data access classes to populate and extract data from the Petroleum Industry POSC data model. Designed class libraries using OMT methodology, classes were written using Visual C++.
  • Designed and built classes to access relational databases via an objected orientated interface, classes produced SQL and returned results as objects. The design allowed either Sybase or Oracle to be used.
  • Also designed and built a business object library, this turned complex data mapping information into a simple API to access petroleum business objects from the database.
  • Designed and built a GUI based macro language parser and interpreter to allow Petroleum engineers to write macros to perform complex calculations using data stored in the business objects.

Sage Engineering

  • Used Visual C++ and MFC classes to create a Visual Basic VBX used for data storage. VBX used to pass data between VB programs and graphics screen.

British Airways PLC

  • Designed using Booch methodology, and coded C++ ghantt chart base classes, used to display aircraft downtimes, employee work allocations, etc. These were updated on client screens in real time using messaging from the server and other BA systems.
  • Designed and coded C++ database classes to interface with Oracle tables using SQL.
  • Utilised the multi-threaded and pre-emptive multitasking capabilities of OS/2.